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You probably have searched out through the net with the phrase "make penis bigger". There are of course a lot of articles that come out and you might think "I am confused which one is the most effective methods, penis enlargement pill? Penis pump? Penis extender? or a consistent do-it-yourself exercise will help to make penis bigger".

There is no definitive answer for that question. It is true that a high quality penis enlargement Pill like Vimax Pills can really boost your penis size significantly and permanently. Sometimes people just want to be careful and do not want to rush into decision.

If you are still asking how to increase my penis size, you should come to a method called Jelqing. Jelqing is a very effective method that is developed by one of the ancient Arabian tribes, which has been a trend in their culture today. I bet you know they have the biggest size in this world. This is time consuming but worth a try.

Let's start he Jelqing method:
  1. First you have to wrap your penis with a warm towel for couple of minutes
  2. Lubricate your penis and your right hand, lubrication is easy to get I suppose
  3. Make an "ok" symbol with your left hand, grasp the base of your flaccid penis (firmly) in the circle your form with your thumb and index finger (the ok symbol)
  4. Make an ok symbol with your right hand
  5. Start milking your penis with your circle of your right hand from the base through the shaft to the head, so that more blood flow in the flaccid
  6. Do this for half an hour a day

This should be the answer to your How to make penis bigger question. But you have to note that this won't give you a significant result if you are above 25 years of age because the puberty is over, the fastest way is to combine Vimax Pills and the technique if you are over 25 years old.

This method is effective but you have to stop doing it if you feel pain and you should never to it excessively.

Vimax Pills have been trusted as penis enlargement pills for over five years and medically proven to work effectively and safely. Since 2003 it has helped more than thousands of men worldwide increasing their penis size significantly and permanently.